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The four paths of YOGA

Introduction to the different paths of yoga


As we mentioned in previous articles, yoga is a way of life. Its goal is to raise awareness. The compatibility of mind, spirit and body. The possibility of this happening does not come only through exercise or meditation. But through different yoga paths, which may include all life activities. In this article we will talk about the different paths of yoga that are rarely mentioned in the modern world of yoga.

Raja yoga

Raja Yoga translates as the path of willpower. As it is concerned with everything related to man’s insistence on development. Meditation is considered an important activity to strengthen the willpower. Yoga also includes the sports movements known today as hatha yoga. It is one of the activities that helps people practice meditation and thus strengthen the willpower.

Raja yoga

Raja Yoga is one of the combined paths of Yoga, that actually combined different aspects of the one’s life. When practicing raja yoga the practitioner explores body awareness, and discovering the possibilities and limitations of the body at that moment, but at the same time raja yoga works in other different levels that related to the awareness of one’s feelings and thoughts, also known as the mind. Awareness of the body and mind are among the things that greatly help a person in improving his human awareness in general. As the practitioner of sports movements challenges him/herself and trying to know the limits of his body and perhaps to unleash the potential of this body. Which will help him/her realize what is beyond the body. In some cases, discovering the one’s purpose of life. This is the way to discover and create a new reality in life.

I believe that Raja Yoga is one of the paths of yoga that calls for creativity. And shaping reality

Karma yoga

The course of action is what karma yoga is all about. This path means that the person pays attention to his actions and deeds. That is, the person must be honest and trustworthy in everything he does. Since the universe operates according to the law of action and reaction. The penal code is of the same type as work. Making everything you do good will lead you to good or good results in life and vice versa.

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The path of Karma Yoga is one of the paths that some consider complex. Many people believe that everything they experience in their lives is the result of actions they have done in the past. Or even in their previous lives. For me, I think it’s less complicated. If you examine your reality today, you will know exactly how you arrived at this reality. Whether from the successful decisions you made that led you to what makes you happy today. Or from the wrong decisions that led you to what you do not like. It’s not like a cosmic calculation. But it is simply the idea of holding yourself accountable and living in the moment. So that you can do your work with dignity. You apologize for what you did wrong and learn from it for your future. The path of karma yoga is one of the paths of yoga that we can live in every moment of life. It is not linked to a specific activity at a specific time.

Bhakti yoga

This path is what the Indians call the path of love or service. In many of its applications, it is similar to life among Sufis, or simply it is life with pure divine love. And that your life is in the service of the God who bestowed upon you the gift of life. From my personal perspective, I believe that the idea of bhakti yoga. It is to live by faith. To have a faith or belief system so that your life is not empty. And regardless of your religious belief. It is considered a moral compass that helps you return to your nature. The more life burdens you and sweeps you away with its details to the point of materialism and absurdity. The path of Bhakti Yoga is considered yoga. Because of good morals or value system. It helps its owner to advance in awareness. By working on personal development constantly. It is one of the important yoga paths that can be practiced at any time. It is not linked to a specific activity or time

Jnana yoga

You may not be a fan of physical and sporting activities. Also, you are not a mystical or emotional person. You even have an analytical mind. And you want to discover more. Providing the world with useful science. The more your intentions are sound in performing what develops human knowledge. Importantly, his paths and specializations differed. This way you help yourself raise awareness. As is known. Science is a very important factor in raising human awareness.

You may be a big fan of reading. No matter what type of books you like to read. Whether it is stories or novels. scientific or cultural books. As long as you increase your knowledge every day you are practicing Jnana Yoga. The benefit is not limited to reading only, but through various means, such as audio, visual, or reading. Science and learning are considered paths of yoga.

Terms of application of Jnana Yoga

To become a practitioner of Jnana Yoga. You need to really benefit from what you read. Reading or studying is for social purposes only. It may lead to negative consequences for awareness. It is like being like a parrot and repeating what you read without understanding. Without the possibility of application. These are not the behaviors of a yogi.

القراءة المفيدة يوجا

It is also important to become a practitioner of Jnana Yoga. The ideas you adopt should not be from these books’ contrary to your greatest values or contradictory to your behavior, it’s something we often fall into. As the reader admiring what has been read and it can be adopted without thinking. But when comes to implementation of these ideas, it may be the opposite to what the ones’ actual believes. This behavior is one of the things that may lead a person to psychological problems, or even causing the development of multiple personalities depending on the strengths of the values background that actually shapes the ones’ attitudes in life. This leads a person to be hypocritical or lie without realizing it. As we mentioned in the article on yoga ethics, lying is one of the ethics that constitutes an enemy to the development of human consciousness

Integrated yoga paths

That’s what’s important here. A yoga practitioner does not necessarily specialize in a particular path of yoga, nor master all of them. At any given moment the practitioner may be living any of the various paths of yoga, or may be focusing on a particular path at certain more than the others. Everything you do is for the sake of advancement or deeper awareness. It is a yoga practice. And that’s why everyone of us has his/her own way in doing or practicing yoga. Ii is an individual journey.

Sometimes there is confusion between types of yoga and paths of yoga. But it is useful to know them all so that a person can choose the practice that suitable for him/her. check this article for more information

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