The importance of breathing

The importance of breathing in yoga

What is the importance of breathing?

Breathing and yoga are closely related. In yoga breathing is the difference between yoga as a physical sport and other sports. In this article, we will discuss the importance of breathing and its effective role in all yoga practices

Breathing as the force of life (Brana)

What is prana?

Prana in Indian philosophy is life energy. It is what gives all living organisms the energy necessary to carry out their vital activities effectively. The life energy must flow through every organ of the body for this organ to be well and healthy. Rather, it must flow into every cell so that the body can enjoy optimal health. That is, prana in yoga is the basis of all other practices (thinking – exercise – meditation).

Prana must flow through the body smoothly from one organ to another, otherwise, the organ in which the prana does not flow smoothly faces structural problems. Something that may affect its health or proper performance of a course. The closest thing to which the flow of prana can be described is breathing or the flow of the breath through the body

The Role of breathing in raising awareness

Regarding awareness, breathing is one of the activities that has a magical effect to increase awareness. For example, imagine that you are in a situation where you feel afraid of an accident. In similar situations, the mind magnifies the impact and potential outcome of the situation, which may causes a false alarm that may lead to a non-realistic reaction, or to over react. But when focusing on the breath and breath with awareness, the mind can be put under control and the situation can be evaluated as it really is. Thus, an appropriate action can be taken.

This example applies to many situations that we encounter in life. Whether at work, study or even home. Especially in cases where we need to perform a task very quickly. Here comes the role and importance of breathing. The more you control your breath, the more you will be able to see things as they really are and be performed with high efficiency.

There are many breathing techniques and exercises that help a person in situations of stress, fear, and pain. It helps greatly in reducing the mind’s grip on imagining what is coming, which leads the person to live in the moment (whether fear, tension, or pain) without exaggeration. Since yoga helps raise awareness of the body, breathing helps raise awareness of feelings and the surrounding environment. Breathing and yoga are essential factors in raising human awareness consciousness

What distinguishes yoga from other exercises

We mentioned yoga in the article. All exercises that help a person increase his awareness of his body are considered yoga. But what is the difference between other exercises and yoga?

Yoga is characterized by including breathing as an essential part of the exercise. Whether it is by monitoring breathing while performing a particular pose, or by moving into the position by inhaling or exhaling. The importance of breathing comes from the fact that we often find it difficult to perform a certain position. However, if we monitor breathing and perform it slowly, we may be able to perform the pose or exercise without being exposed to injury

breathing with moving

Since prana is one of the basic components of yoga. Breathing and yoga work together to smoothly flow the prana through the body’s organs. In other word, when we perform a specific yoga exercise or move a body part, the importance of breathing and monitoring oneself during the exercise comes into play to help the prana flow smoothly through the particular organ or during the particular exercise

Different breathing techniques

Breathing techniques are one of the activities that help to perform exercises effectively. It also helps prana flow through the body smoothly. Breathing and yoga are linked in some practices in which a specific breathing technique is performed during or after a yoga exercise. There are many exercises or breathing techniques such as

Diaphragmatic breathing

Yogic breathing

Ojai breathing

Fire breath

We will devote separate articles to different breathing techniques due to their importance. In this article, we will mention here one example

Breathing Strengthening the lungs and chest (breathing and yoga exercise in a workout)

This technique has the advantage that it can be performed in all body conditions. It is considered a safe technique that helps focus

– Improving breathing quality

– Strengthening the lungs

– Strengthening the body’s immunity

– Strengthening physical fitness.

ممارسة اليوغا - والمستويات ال5

It can be practiced before any activity by taking a deep breath and then starting. Also known as diaphragmatic breathing. Its practice is as follows

Sit comfortably with your back straight

Take a breath and then monitor normal breathing for a period of time until we feel calm (mouth closed and breathing through the nose only).

Begin by focusing on the abdomen and synchronizing breathing with the movement of the abdomen, as the abdomen swells with inhalation, and enters inward towards the back with exhalation.

The focus is only on the abdomen so that the chest does not move with the breathing movement as much as possible. (This step may be difficult at first, but with continued practice it will become easier to master)

There are many breathing techniques, more of which can be learned from the article on the importance of breathing from International Yoga Magazine. You can also learn more about pranayama techniques from here


In conclusion, talking about the connection between breathing and yoga should take place through a number of articles or in specialized courses. As it is one of the things that may make the most difference in the quality of an individual’s life in various aspects. Whether health, psychological, or even in terms of living life in peace and happiness.

For more information about brana and breathing check the following article.

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